#12: In London, Veronica tells me how she went from being a lawyer to running her own no-code agency
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#12: In London, Veronica tells me how she went from being a lawyer to running her own no-code agency

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🗒 Brief summary

Veronica, a no-code professional and software creator, discusses her journey into the world of no code tools, her transition into a career in the field, and the benefits of tools like Webflow and Airtable. She shares insights on she uses Notion, the importance of templates, and her agency's philosophy of building projects without developers. The conversation also covers the London tech and no-code scene, along with recommendations for places to visit.

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📖 Chapters

0:00:00 Introduction and Setting the Scene in London

0:01:06 From Lawyer to Marketer: A Unique Background

0:02:58 Getting Hired at a Legal Tech Startup

0:05:06 Encountering No-Code Tools and Liberating Marketing Work

0:08:35 Becoming a Professional in No-Code: Freelancer or Agency?

0:10:51 Finding Clients through Referrals and Webflow Certification

0:14:51 Envy for developers with side projects

0:22:37 Choosing the Right Platform for Custom Development

0:30:43 Introduction to the London tech and no-code scene

0:32:20 London's vibrant design and startup scene amidst Brexit and COVID

📃 Long Summary

In this episode, I have a conversation with Veronica, a no-code professional and software creator. Veronica shares her journey into the world of no-code tools, explaining how she made a career switch from law to marketing and tech after attending a hackathon. She discusses the benefits of no-code tools like Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier, which have allowed her to handle tasks without relying on developers and to execute projects independently in her role as a marketer.
Veronica talks about how she transitioned into working as a professional in the no-code field, taking on client projects and eventually starting her own agency. We discuss the different paths and approaches that can be taken with no-code tools, including outsourcing certain tasks for larger companies.
The conversation then focuses on the use of Notion, allowing for quick creation without the need to learn new software. Veronica explains the value of templates in establishing methodologies and best practices for different processes, such as project management and hiring, and how they can be shared with others in the industry.
Veronica also shares her agency's philosophy of building projects without developers and providing a user-friendly experience for clients. They do not believe in retainers and instead offer training sessions at the end of projects to ensure clients understand how their project works. They aim to give clients autonomy and the ability to make changes without incurring extra costs.
We also discuss the importance of investing in a good website upfront, particularly in the B2B sector, and the potential issues that can arise from choosing templates or relying on freelancers. The conversation touches on permissions and the need for role-level permissions in industries like healthcare, as well as the challenges and opportunities in the no code community.
The discussion concludes with a look at the London tech and no code scene, including the no code drinks event and other meetups and workshops. Recommendations for places to visit in London, such as King's Cross and Hampstead Heath, are also shared. Veronica provides her Twitter handle and invites listeners to connect with her online.
Finally, Veronica shares the story behind the name of her show, "Lord of the Ring," and her personal attachment to Iceland.